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About Us

AltBuster started off as a small 1-page project. We've grown up a bit.

  • Track 134 of your favorite currency wallets.
  • Monitor the status of your supported master nodes.
  • Keep an eye on your net worth.

Overwhelmed by the sheer magnitude of monitoring countless wallets and master nodes, we developed AltBuster for our own use. We love it so much, we decided to share it with the world.

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Let's clear the air.

You've probably got some questions. Luckily, we've got the answers.

  • 01 How much does this cost?

    Nothing. Zilch. Nada. We are 100% free. Our servers do cost a considerable amount of money, so we do accept donations, but there are certainly no obligations to do so.

  • Our system integrates as many chain APIs as we can. There are some that we haven't integrated yet (we are adding new chains all of the time), but there are some chains that simply do not have the public APIs necessary for integration into our platform.

  • We are trying to make life easier for miners to track wallets, nodes, and mining. We do this by integrating everything in a single, simple to use interface. It works so well, a lot of users don't even open their real wallets anymore, except to send transactions.

  • The only thing necessary for us to help you monitor your wallets, are the public addresses for them. We don't control your wallet or need access to any sensitive information.


134 Coins Supported

More added weekly!


We're constantly building and refining the tools miners use the most.

Wallet Management

Track all of your supported wallets and monitor your portfolio worth.

Node Monitoring

Don't miss out on passive income. Make sure your nodes are online and unbanned.

Shared Master Nodes

Fully-automated payouts & staking, plus an amazingly simple interface. Coming Soon!

Mining Monitor

View your mining stats without leaving the site. New pool support added all of the time!




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Total Coins Tracked


AltBuster is a 2 man show, but we're really manly.


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QA, Marketing, Nodes Management

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Director of Shitcoin Justice

Development & Design.